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Role: Member - Spousal Loss

I lost my wife of 44 years three years ago. She was very sick for the last eight years of our marriage and was happiest when we were at home together. This meant that we were literally the center of each other's world. When she passed away, I was adrift for six months. For the next couple of years I went through anger, survivor guilt, and many other emotions alone, without help or support, mostly because I thought I could handle it alone.
Three months ago, an acquaintance suggested that I try a bereavement support group in Abington called New Beginnings. I attended my first meeting that night and have been going faithfully every Monday since then. Everyone in my support group has experienced a spousal loss and most after a long illness. Each of us can share our sorrows and understand that all the others have walked the same path and are there to support each other.
I've tried individual counseling and it can be helpful in its own way, but the group support I get from all my new relationships at New Beginnings is priceless to me. 
New Beginnings is now the wellspring of my renewed self as a single person making my way through the latest chapter of my life.

Role: Volunteer

I am a man who showed up at New Beginnings 9 months after my marriage died, thinking I should be getting over it, and failing miserably. Friends and family tried, but they had no idea what I was going through and advice like "get over it" and "get back up on the horse" was less than useful. I found a building that was filled every Monday night with people who "get it" because they are at various stages of getting through (not 'over') it. I've been saying "New Beginnings saved my life" for years, with only a little exaggeration. Listening to others and hearing yourself describe what you are going through to supportive people (no therapists, NB is ONLY people experiencing a loss of a relationship) got me through the dark tunnel and out into the light. Now I am "better than I have ever been". So I've been giving back, as an officer, a group facilitator, and still today as a volunteer. I will support NB for the rest of my life because I believe in it. 

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