New Beginnings Southeastern MA Recently Recovering Singles
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We are New Beginnings Singles Support Group, a non-profit, non-sectarian self-help support organization located in Abington, Massachusetts. The focus of our self-help group is to provide a safe, supportive place for recently single, widowed, divorced, or newly separated adults who are in need of support in dealing with the day to day issues associated with their situation.

Through small group interaction, led by a facilitator, the members learn to begin the process of building a single life and eventually re-enter the social world in a safe environment.

We are non-sectarian and self-supporting. The meetings are topic driven group discussions, usually offered by one of the members in the group, with the intent of helping the newly single person see that this is a temporary setback, not a permanent way of life. We also offer planned events that give members a safe place to go to socialize.

Our interaction as individuals during refreshment time or at planned functions helps to build new friendships and social circles. Many of us have lived through similar situations and are proof that a new, happy life is possible.

If you or someone you know would benefit from our meetings and hospitality please come to a meeting on Monday evening or give us a call at 781-499-2659​ or Email us at for further information.


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Arlene Volpe and Joe McCann Co-Presidents

Please bring an item for the Abington Food Pantry on the first Monday of each month.
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