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We are New Beginnings Singles Support Group, a non-profit, non-sectarian self-help support organization located in Abington, Massachusetts. The focus of our self-help group is to provide a safe, supportive place for recently single, widowed, divorced, or newly separated adults who are in need of support in dealing with the day to day issues associated with their situation.

Through small group interaction, led by a facilitator, the members learn to begin the process of building a single life and eventually re-enter the social world in a safe environment.

We are non-sectarian and self-supporting. The meetings are topic driven group discussions, usually offered by one of the members in the group, with the intent of helping the newly single person see that this is a temporary setback, not a permanent way of life. We also offer planned events that give members a safe place to go to socialize.

Our interaction as individuals during refreshment time or at planned functions helps to build new friendships and social circles. Many of us have lived through similar situations and are proof that a new, happy life is possible.

If you or someone you know would benefit from our meetings and hospitality please come to a meeting on Monday evening or give us a call at 781-499-2659​ or Email us at for further information.



1. SUNSCREEN - Applying sunscreen can be a full-time job, especially if you have children. Not to mention the dilemma about what kind to buy. If you use the natural sunscreen, it takes the better part of an hour to rub it in - which is good, because it gives you time to ponder where to find a second job to pay for it. If you use the unnatural stuff, you can wonder which is more likely to cause cancer, the evil-yet-life-giving sun or the questionable chemicals you Just slathering onto your skin.

2. SAND - I love the beach. Truly. I’d marry it, if people could wed property. But the sand always hitches a ride home. It’s plastered all over the car, the house, every bag and us.

3. MOSQUITOES - It’s hard to enjoy a summer evening while being dive-bombed by the voracious bloodsuckers. Especially when they seem to derive greater power from citronella candles.

4. BEES - Most people go into full-fledged panic whenever they see a bee of any kind, or what they think might be a bee, even if it’s just a housefly.

5. BAND-AIDS - Skinned knees, splinters from the park, over scratched mosquitoes bites, the bicycle crash. I bet Band-aid companies make 90% of their profits in the summertime.

6. DAYLIGHT AT BEDTIME - Kids don’t believe it’s bedtime because “it’s still light out!” Plus, there are to many fun activities that run late into the evening and still work in the morning.

7. PODIATRIC UPKEEP - At the beginning of summer, giving myself a pedicure and painting my toenails feels all fun and fresh and girly. By the end of August I’m ready to cover up my feet and not look at them for another nine months.

8. THE SHAVING - I’ve tried every kind of hair removal known to man, but I always end up shaving in the end.

9. LAUNDRY - Does laundry multiply in summer? I’m pretty sure half of it is towels.

10. SWEAT - I’ve never been a big fan of sweat. Mine or other peoples.

Thanks to Annie Reneau

Arlene Volpe and Joe McCann Co-Presidents

“You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.”

Please bring an item for the Abington Food Pantry on the first Monday of each month.
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