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Mission Statement

The Mission of New Beginnings Single Support Group, Inc. is to provide support programs for adults who are distressed over being separated, widowed, divorced or never married and to help them find purpose and wholeness in all dimensions of their lives after experiencing a loss.  The self-help, facilitated group support we provide is emotional, spiritual, physical and intellectual within a safe environment that promotes healing.

New Beginnings Single Support Group Inc.



Maintaining positive social connections plays a key role in overall health as studies have shown. Those who lack social connections are at greater risk of experiencing depression and cognitive decline.

It is possible to spend time together, although apart. Take a creative approach. Perhaps take a page from those who have successfully maintained long-distance friendships prior to the pandemic. Despite being many miles long-distance friends tend to remain friends because they are dedicated to staying connected and do so in a variety of ways:

Regular mail. From annual holiday letters to fun postcards and greeting cards, the letter writing tradition is carried on.

Email/Text. Whether it’s a long email or a short text, day-to-day thoughts or funny moments can be shared - complete with pictures and emoji’s.

Telephone calls. A phone call remains one of the easiest ways to stay in touch with friends. And, it’s a little more personal than mail, email or text because you are able to hear them laugh and express themselves.

Video chat and conferencing. From FaceTime to Skype and Zoom, make the most of technology to get together virtually with friends.

Drive-by greetings. Similar to a drive-by birthday parade, drive-by a friend’s home to smile, beep, and wave from your vehicle while they remain at their front door. Even though it’s a distanced approach, you get to see each other and it”s a way of brightening their day and letting them know you care.

Social distancing and being apart from friends during the COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging. Be sure to make time for friends on a regular basis.

Stay Safe,
Stephen Griffin - President of New Beginnings


For anyone interested in participating in the conference calls on Monday evening @6:30 pm, all the phone numbers will remain the same each week. Feel free to join in whether you were on last week's call or not. Each facilitator's group name is shown along with that group's phone line.
If you have any further questions, please email ​ ​ and we will get back to you.
Thanks, Anne

The system is very easy to use and all you need is a phone (mobile/home). 
First, call the New Beginnings Conference Line (1-971-224-6622)
. ​ Then, when prompted, enter the six-number Conference Code for your facilitator (found below) ​ 
. Now you will be on the Conference Call!

Joe Sargent - 536199-----mixed level 3
Glen Galusha- 906668-----widowed levels 1 & 2
Joe McCann - 780080-----separated/divorced levels 1 & 2 
Donna Short - 565685-----separated/divorced levels 2 & 3 
Joe Sheehan - 784267-----seasoned singles


Anything discussed in the group is to remain in the group. Consider it an extension of the confidentiality rule we adhere to each week when meeting in person.
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